Retailers – especially those in the grocery industry – are competing to decrease lines and make the shopper’s experience as seamless as possible.

As evidenced by Amazon Go’s recent momentum, the industry is shifting away from the traditional point-of-sale (POS), and the inaugural location’s success is a great example of how POS, loyalty and payments are all converging.

The premise is simple: Eliminate checkout lines and shop with ease. Can you imagine never having to wait in line at a grocery store again? Amazon can, but it’s not the only company thinking about a line-free retail world.

The Concept

You’ve likely seen the now-viral advertisement. Amazon Go starts with a smartphone app. When entering an Amazon store, shoppers scan a code on their smartphone that serves as their virtual shopping cart. When shoppers pick up items, weight sensors and cameras in the store detect what is picked up, in what quantity, the associated costs per item and communicate that information back to the virtual cart on the shoppers’ phone.

Once shoppers have everything they need and are ready to leave the store, they simply walk out the door. No checkout lines – period. The app uses the shoppers’ predetermined payment method and as the shoppers approach the exit…