After losing 1.5 billion customer records in two different hacks, what can you possibly pull off for a third act? That’s what Yahoo is wondering right about now. Its answer? Throw the CEO off the board, change names post-haste, and hope that sweet Verizon acquisition is still on track.

The tech and financial worlds pounced last night on Yahoo’s most recent form 8-K filing, a boring-sounding Securities and Exchange Commission document that can often hold surprisingly important nuggets.

In the 8-K it filed late on Jan. 9, Yahoo outlined its intention for what to do with the part of the company that Verizon doesn’t plan to buy. After Verizon snaps up the big purple Yahoo brand and runs away with it, the remnant will change its name to “Altaba Inc.,” and the board of that company will get significantly rearranged such that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, as well as several other executives, no longer have seats.

Why? Because when Verizon and Yahoo announced their deal back in July, both companies made clear that Verizon wanted to…