It’s not just enough to have those contacts, you’ve got to be using them in your marketing plans. One of the best ways of ensuring your contacts stay engaged is through well implemented email workflows. Here’s 11 email workflows you need to be using.

The Welcome Workflow

Use this email simply to welcome to subscriber to your newsletter, and tell them a little bit about what they can expect from you. This is often the first email workflow that businesses will set up.

The Topic Workflow

When someone comes to your website, they’ll have something in mind that they’re looking for. Say you sell animal care products. If they head to the page related to animal feed, then you can then send them an email with more details on the topic at hand.

It’s worth having email software set up, as this will help you track what happens once you click ‘send’. Do customers then go look at the links you’ve provided, or do they simply delete the email? You can then make changes as appropriate.

The Engagement Workflow

Once you have a follower who keeps coming back to your content, it’s time to take the leap and convert them into a customer. An engagement workflow can do this for you.

Work out what the threshold should be for your company. Once a follower hits that threshold, send an email that encourages them to get involved, share your content, and actually start buying themselves.

New Customer Welcome Workflow

Speaking of new customers, once they’ve actually taken the leap and bought from you, you’ll then need to send the new customer welcome email. This again should be a simple email, just welcoming them as a customer…