How Can You Make Your Marketing Stand Out?

Holiday season in full swing and digital marketers are focused on finishing out the year strong.

Get an extra edge these actionable tips from bona fide social media experts, including Neil Patel and Mari Smith.

You’ll find ideas for holiday campaigns, bidding strategies, organic ways to drive traffic to your unicorn content and more.

I’ll start with my own tip — and it’s one that’s good year round!

1. Larry Kim | CEO/Founder at MobileMonkey

Go into 2019 with at least one “intentionally delusional” marketing initiative in mind.

There’s this idea that growth is made up of a lot of little steps forward.

That thinking is a trap.

A hundred incremental improvements can’t touch the impact of just one big unicorn hack.

Overly realistic thinking leads to unremarkable results.

Act on the revolutionary ideas and kookiest creative.

My suggestion?

Start up a brand new channel using Facebook Messenger chatbots.

Going big is how you find your unicorns.

2. Neil Patel | Co-founder of Neil Patel Digital

My number one tip for this holiday season is to give your “top fans” on Facebook a special promotion no one else can get.

If you send an email blast and let people know you are doing this, it will create more engagement, which will help you get more top fans.

The more top fans you have, the more viral your content will go on Facebook when you promote anything (even after the holiday season).

3. Mari Smith | Facebook Marketing Expert

“Stories are the future,” said Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on a recent quarterly earnings call.

The Stories format on Instagram and Facebook is growing 15x faster than feed content — Stories consumption will soon surpass feed content consumption.

Marketers should create Facebook and Instagram Story ads to share their Holiday specials.

But don’t think like a marketer.

Think like a storyteller.

Focus on people’s real experiences: put the spotlight on your happy customers and showcase their success stories.

Feature relatable stories from your staff members or key vendors. Frame your storytelling Story Ads as something your audience wants.

To quickly and easily create Stories videos, try out my favorite tool Here’s a helpful article on their blog: Guide to Creating Instagram Story Ads That People Won’t Want to Skip.

4. Virginia Nuessey | Content Marketing Director at MobileMonkey

Keep feeding your social media machine.

It might be hard during the holidays.

You might want to justify a break for a million reasons.

You’ve got time off planned.

Readers will be distracted with the holidays so why bother.


But on the flip side, everyone’s thinking that time off sounds real nice right about now …

Ergo this is the perfect time to gain an advantage while everyone else is on mute!

Quick win: Set up Facebook Messenger drip campaigns to automate engaging messaging all season long.

Give yourself the gift of a strong finish for 2018.

5. Brent Csutoras | Managing Partner at Search Engine Journal

For this holiday season, I highly recommend companies pay more attention to Reddit, a social media site with over half of all Americans visiting it monthly.

Something many people are not aware of is that there are numerous subreddit (micro Reddit communities) that focus 100% on product sales and deals.

Over 3,000,000…