Ecommerce sales in the United States continue to rise. According to Statista, annual online sales in the U.S. will exceed $735 billion by 2023.

This news, coupled with the fact that only about half of U.S. small business owners have a website, gives great hope to even the smallest of online stores. The key is to build trust and loyalty.

Beyond getting noticed, one of the biggest problems ecommerce sites face is converting shoppers into actual customers. As few as 10 percent of shoppers visit a site with a true intent to purchase. Most go online to search for products and then compare features and prices. That is why first impressions matter so much.

Micro conversions are smaller actions that can lead to sales. Micro conversions can instill trust, and therefore influence the 90 percent of visitors who do not intend to immediately purchase.

8 Key Micro Conversions

Ideal micro conversions include:

  • Signing up for emails. Email is still one of the best methods of communicating. The average consumer checks her email multiple times per day.
  • Signing up for text messages. Popular with millennials, text marketing is one of the fast-growing methods of capturing younger audiences.
  • Creating an account. Typically reserved for the checkout process, sites that offer extra features to account holders can help build trust and repeat business if they encourage sign-ups in a non-invasive way.
  • Registering for rewards. Rewards programs are popular. Promoting them can increase conversions and build…