Gillette has seen consumer perceptions, including the key sales metric consideration, tumble in the UK in the wake of its ‘#metoo’ ad, despite the film not actually being aimed at the UK market.

The ad, which launched earlier this week, plays on Gillette’s famous slogan ‘The best a man can get’, replacing it with ‘The best men can be’. Aiming to “celebrate the stories of men making a positive impact and to inspire others in the process”, it shows a compilation of actions often associated with “toxic masculinity” and examples of how men can take action to create meaningful change.

However, the ad has split opinion. While some have praised the brand for tackling an important issue, others have criticised it for its approach and questioned why the razor brand is inserting itself into the debate.

The controversy has seen Gillette make headlines around the world and prompted almost 20 million people to watch the two-minute film on YouTube.

Despite the ad being aimed at a US audience it has had an impact on consumer perceptions of the brand in the UK. And the shift has not been positive.

According to YouGov BrandIndex, Gillette’s buzz score – which is a balance of the positive and negative things people have heard about a brand – has fallen by 5.8 points over the past week to -3.4. That shows more people have been hearing negative things about the brand than positive and takes it from seventh in a list of 45 health and beauty brands to bottom.

Of even more concern for the brand should be that purchase metrics have started to shift downwards. Consideration has fallen by a statistically significant 12 points over the past week to a score of 16.4. However, it is still top of the pile in terms of consideration among razor brands, ahead of Wilkinson Sword, Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club.

Among current customers, Gillette’s score is down 1.9 points to 4.5 although this is not deemed a statistically significant fall. Among former customers it has fallen by 8.6 points to 35.8,…