Google has an empire state of mind

Google announced plans to build a $1 billion campus in New York, as the city’s tech scene continues to hit new heights. The move will see the company expand its already significant workforce by over 7,000 staff, according to The New York Times.

The decision by Google to build a campus in Manhattan’s West Village neighborhood came after Amazon announced its new home in Long Island City. If both plans come to fruition, it will cement New York’s status as Silicon Valley’s latest rival.

New York- The New Silicon Valley?

Already, Facebook, Apple, Spotify, Uber, and LinkedIn are also thriving in New York. As the hunt for talent continues, tech’s impact on the city is accelerating. New York’s centuries-old status as a center of global finance may become overshadowed by tech firms looking to position the town as an international hub for technology.

The rise of homegrown companies like Etsy, Yext and MongoDB, Tumblr, and WeWork further lends credence to New York’s rising tech clout.
Google already acquired Chelsea Market, where it has had an office in a…