Hannaford Tests Smart Shelves At Redesigned Concept Store

Hannaford has launched a tech-focused pilot store in Portland, Maine, featuring digital shelves that promote certain product categories and make shopping more convenient, according to Central Maine. The 181-store supermarket retailer wants to see whether the solutions will lead to increased sales and a better customer experience before rolling out the concept at other locations.

The connected shelves offer a number of features designed to assist shoppers:

  • Cold storage cases with semitransparent LED displays featuring ads for the products inside;
  • Shelves equipped with sensors that can determine which product a customer has picked up; and
  • Fixed tablet screens for customers to browse detailed product information about items.

Additionally, the store features a touchscreen kiosk near the pharmacy, where shoppers can search for information about over-the-counter medications and supplements. They can also type in the name of a health condition for information about the best products to treat it.

Other supermarkets are embracing the potential offered by smart shelves, with