Mercedes-Benz Vans

In the B2B world, as in B2C, Mercedes-Benz evokes associations of quality but also of the accompanying price tag. That had become a problem for Mercedes-Benz Vans, which had been subject to all the effects that come from decades of consumer communications positioning the marque as a high-end brand.

While the vans’ reputation for being reliable and efficient was well known by customers, such as cash-strapped NHS trusts, there was a perception that for a business fleet they were something of a luxury. They were seen an unnecessary expense that would raise suspicions about whether a company was spending its money wisely or overcharging its own customers to pad out its margins.

To counter these associations, Mercedes-Benz Vans briefed its agency Storycatchers to change the conversation from up-front cost to lifetime value, while adopting a less glossy, more relatable tone of communication. The campaign would need to make an impact on both awareness and…