big lebowski super bowl commercial

Looks like the Dude is returning…in a commercial. Jeff Bridges just teased a Big Lebowski…something, with a brief teaser featuring the message “Stay tuned.” While you might automatically assume that means a sequel, the date at the end of the footage says 2/3/19. That’s way too soon for a secret movie to be coming out – we’d have heard something by now. But football fans will immediately recognize that February 3 is the date of this year’s Super Bowl. While we don’t have confirmation yet, it’s likely that Bridges is teasing a Big Lebowski Super Bowl commercial.

Big Lebowski Super Bowl Commercial?

Can’t be living in the past, man. Stay tuned.

— Jeff Bridges (@TheJeffBridges) January 24, 2019

Here we see an older, but still abiding Dude in a very brief snippet of footage. The Dude is strolling through some noisy, crowded location, at which point the camera cuts to a tumbleweed blowing down the street – just as one did at the start of The Big Lebowski. As the tumbleweed rolls…