Vince McMahon kicked off Raw by promising wholesale changes to the product. The most glaring change? More McMahons.

Vince, Stephanie, Shane and Triple H announced that the same family that had overseen historically bad Raws behind the scenes would now do so on camera. This is like a broken football team firing a head coach only to permanently hire one of his assistants. And while the awareness of their struggling flagship is hopeful, here’s a brief rundown of tonight’s new and improved product:

  • Drew McIntyre “got his heat back” by attacking Finn Balor and Dolph Ziggler
  • Ronda Rousey issued an open challenge
  • New Superstars on their way to WWE include the chiseled EC III, the blonde Lacy Evans and the Monster—er—Freak Lars Sullivan
  • Raw ended in an hour-long gauntlet match

Sound familiar? It should, and that’s the scary part. These are the same tropes WWE Raw has used for years, but with different faces. WWE management seems to be convinced that its problems are simply cosmetic. Beating up Baron Corbin and promising fresh new talent—sure to be discarded in six months—is not a step in the right direction. WWE has a lot of infrastructural work to do if it wants to create a dynamic product that will placate its unpleasable fanbase.

There will be winners in this alleged new era, but for now, they’re few and far between.

Winner: The McMahons

The McMahons figure to have prominent television roles on both Raw and SmackDown Live. It’s unknown just how much Vince McMahon will appear on television, but the promise of the entire family overseeing Raw and SmackDown Live as the…