• Rivian, an electric truck startup, announced last week that Amazon was leading a $700 million fundraising round
  • Morgan Stanley says its the most significant event for electric vehicles since Tesla’s 2010 IPO
  • What’s more, the bank’s widely followed autos analyst, says it could be the most important event for the industry this year.

It’s only February, but Morgan Stanley thinks we’ve already seen the most important milestone to hit the automotive industry all year.

Adam Jonas, the Wall Street bank’s widely followed autos analyst says it’s the biggest thing to happen for electric vehicles since Tesla went public nearly a decade ago.

“We view Amazon’s leading of a $0.7 billion investment in US electric pickup truck maker Rivian as not just the most significant milestone for EVs since Tesla’s 2010 IPO,” he said in a note to clients Tuesday.

“It may prove to be the most significant milestone for US autos for all of 2019,” he continued.

It’s not a hard comparison to follow. Sure, the Prius has…