• Walmart‘s partnership with Deliverr is now open to any merchant who desires to opt in to it.
  • It offers a service that mimic Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon program, but for selling on Walmart.com.
  • This could open the floodgates for two-day shipping from Walmart, greatly expanding the number of items available on the site.
  • That copies a similar strategy Amazon has employed to great success. Walmart’s move makes Amazon’s current shipping advantageless unique.

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In the battle for online customers, Walmart may have just made a major breakthrough — but it didn’t do it on its own.

Since 2018, Walmart has partnered with Deliverr on a program to help third-party merchants sell items with Walmart’s green two-day shipping tag. Starting this week, any merchant can opt in to Deliverr’s services and get that tag on the merchandise they sell on Walmart.com.

Deliverr uses a network of leased space in warehouses around the country to allow other marketplaces, including Walmart, Shopify, and eBay, to mimic the services of Amazon, according to Deliverr cofounder Michael Krakaris. Deliverr takes a set fee off the top…