Despite the big push behind e-grocery, including significant investments in technology and delivery by major retailers like Walmart, Target and Amazon and mainline grocers like Kroger, Ahold Delhaize and Albertson’s, the demand isn’t quite there yet, according to a recent survey from Mercatus.

Based on the survey of 53,000 shoppers across seven major regional grocers throughout the U.S., only 26% considered themselves online buyers, with most being recent entrants to the channel. And of those, just over half have shopped online for groceries only once or twice in the past three months.

The surveys also found 70% of shoppers have been grocery shopping online less than two years, with 45% of them starting within the past year.

In terms of desired technology capabilities, 42% of survey respondents expressed an interest in self-checkout, 21% said they wanted to compare shopping prices from mobile devices while in store and 18% wanted to be able to build mobile-friendly shopping lists from…