• Three recent studies have shown initial public offerings have an impact on the prices of housing surrounding a company’s headquarters, according to a report from San Francisco Chronicle.
  • A handful of Bay Area tech companies with valuations in the billions are expected to go public in 2019, which will ultimately send CEOs with cash into the real estate market.
  • San Francisco-based companies like Uber, Lyft, Slack, Airbnb, and Pinterest have either filed or expressed interest in going public in 2019.

San Francisco housing prices have hit record peaks, but get ready for them to skyrocket.

Tech execs flooded with cash and fresh off initial public offerings will likely flex their wallets in the real estate market, driving up prices and suckering out other buyers, according to three recent studies and a report by San Francisco Chronicle.

A wave of Bay Area-based tech companies are expected to file for initial public offerings in 2019, a handful of companies with multi-billion-dollar valuations already doing so in recent weeks. Slack confidentially filed to go public on Monday, while Lyft and Uber submitted early filings in the same week this past December. Airbnb is also hinting at a run to Wall Street, as well as