Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey are the founders of Rixo, the brand which has been seen all over your social feeds. Their philosophy of beautiful design for every woman and their free-spirited and bohemian aesthetic has already won them a legion of customers and fans. This interview unveils some of the consideration and inspiration behind their vision.

Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey Image provided by Rixo

On background … “I am older than Henrietta,” says Orlagh. I started a Foundation in Art and Design in London before simultaneously becoming homesick and wanting to learn more about the business side of the industry. I took a year out and worked in retail before changing courses and pursuing Fashion Management at London College of Fashion, where I met Henrietta. I did a placement at TK Maxx and Henrietta worked for Asos in buying, but once we graduated we founded the business within a year. We were both creative and we loved vintage and we knew there was a gap in people’s wardrobes. We wanted to be maniacally focused on our customer and offer her true value for money, quality, and a flattering design. At our previous roles within large retailers, we had seen the lack of direction in the product, which became derived solely from a budget set by merchandisers, instead of thinking about how and why the end customer would wear it. Our approach to range planning is very different.

Rixo SS19 Collection Image provided by Rixo

On Rixo … Our designs are what we want to wear. We founded Rixo because we genuinely couldn’t find what we wanted and we kept going to vintage fairs and returning with gorgeous silk-printed dresses and our friends were clamoring to find something similar. Rixo is a free-spirited and bohemian lifestyle. It is not only for special occasions, in fact, we want our customers to live in our clothes and for them to become future vintage pieces in their wardrobe. Rixo is timeless rather than a slave to fashion or a trend, such that you wouldn’t wear it the next year or year after. We design for what women actually want to wear. There are so many designers out there, who are probably fulfilling their own creative need, but at the end of the day most woman I know don’t have the time or energy to be a creative vision walking down the street; they want to put something on and feel really nice in it and actually it is really gorgeously designed as well. Of course, when I design prints I become really obsessed with them, but I make it in the right fabrication, in the right shape, so someone can put it on and feel the best version of themselves. We want our customers to be equally comfortable throwing on trainers or heels and feel spending £300 on the dress was worth it because they will wear it day in day out. I don’t know how many designers…