The Kroger Co. is moving forward with plans to create a network of 20 high-tech customer fulfillment centers (CFCs).

Partnering with U.K.-based online grocery retailer Ocado, Kroger will open its new two advanced CFCs in the Central Florida and Mid-Atlantic regions. The CFC model is based on an automated warehouse facility with digital and robotic capabilities, also known as a “shed.”

Kroger plans to eventually open 20 CFCs, in partnership with Ocado, to provide omnichannel services to its customers across the entire East Coast. Building new technologically advanced CFCs is part of a larger strategy, called “Restock Kroger,” which the grocery giant introduced in October 2017. In particular, the CFCs align with Restock Kroger priorities to fund technology and infrastructure upgrades, as well as to leverage robotics and artificial intelligence to transform the customer experience.

“Kroger is excited to partner with Ocado — one of the most innovative, advanced companies in…