RIC19 Retail Innovator Award Nominations Are Open

The 2019 Retail Innovation Conference is a little more than three months away, but it’s not too early to nominate those who have rejuvenated and shaken up their retail businesses with outside-the-box ideas. For the sixth year, the Retail Innovator Award program is recognizing retail executives who are focused on driving change and positive disruption using innovative strategies and technologies.

Retail TouchPoints invites you to nominate retail company executives, bloggers/authors and/or industry association executives for the honor. Nominations must highlight:

  • The emerging retail area the executive helped improve;
  • The specific retail strategy or idea launched; and
  • Business results, positive outcomes or expected results following the implementation of the strategy.

In 2018, 28 retail executives received Retail Innovator Awards across seven categories. Some of the winners, and their achievements, include:

  • Clay Johnson, CIO, Walmart. Category: Tech Innovator

Johnson implemented technology, data and design to digitally transform the Walmart associate experience. For example, Walmart rolled out Facebook Workplace, a business chat and collaboration tool where associates can share pictures of product displays with other stores, broadcast news via a live video stream or communicate between different geographies.

  • Chris McCann, President,…