In December, 50 young marketers aged under 30 were selected to become ambassadors for the School of Marketing, a cross-industry initiative launched in September 2018 to inspire young people to explore a career in marketing.

Known as the Founding 50, these marketers came together for their first meeting last month to discuss how they intend to reach out to schools and spread the message that marketing is a fulfilling and exciting career for people with a diverse range of skills.

Here five of the 50 marketers discuss their plans the School of Marketing informed by their personal experience and explain how they intend to plug the marketing knowledge gap in schools and colleges across the UK.

Annabel Arrowsmith

Annabel Arrowsmith was looking for a role that combined creativity with a solid understanding of commerce and business when she hit upon marketing and is now a senior marketing manager at investment company Foresight Group. She hopes the School of Marketing will help educate young people about the diverse elements of marketing and show them where their skills could make a difference.

Chris Malby-Tynan

Chris Malby-Tynan landed a job at a B2B…