Amazon Launches Project Zero To Fight Fraudulent Product Listings

Amazon is fighting back against fraudulent listings with the launch of Project Zero, a set of three tools designed to help brands battle counterfeit products. Project Zero combines Amazon’s machine learning capabilities with retailers’ knowledge of their own brands to detect fake products before a purchase is made.

The first tool uses machine learning-powered automated protections that take into account logos, trademarks and other key data about the brand. The tool scans more than 5 billion product listing updates every day in search of suspected counterfeits. During the pilot program, this software was able to proactively stop 100X more suspected counterfeit products than the amount Amazon reactively removed based on reports from brands.

The second Project Zero tool is a self-service counterfeit removal tool that gives retailers the ability to remove counterfeit listings themselves, rather than report them to Amazon to investigate and take action. This solution lets brands take down counterfeits more quickly than before, and feeds into the automated protection algorithms to proactively detect potential counterfeit listings in the future.

Project Zero’s third feature is a product serialization service that lets Amazon individually scan and confirm the authenticity of…