Marketers say that email return on investment (ROI) has has risen significantly since the arrival of GDPR, according to new research.

The DMA says its findings suggest that marketers now feel broadly positive about the new laws – and estimate that ROI for every pound spent on email reached £42.24 in 2018, up from £32.38 in 2017.

The Marketer Email Tracker 2019 report, from the DMA, found that email remained the most important channels for marketers, with 91% rating it as important. Most (56%) say that GDPR, introduced last in May 2018, has had a positive impact on their email campaigns, while only 20% believe its effect has been negative. Most also reported higher email open rates (74%) and click through rates (75%) over the last year, while some saw a fall in opt-out rates (41%) and spam complaints (55%) in comparison to previous years.

Marcus Gearey, chair of the DMA Email Council’s research hub, who…