Maryland’s highest court, in a split 4-3 decision, ruled that there will be no new trial for convicted killer Adnan Syed, the man who gained national attention as the subject of the popular Serial podcast.

The ruling reverses a lower appellate court decision and reinstates Syed’s 2000 conviction for strangling his former girlfriend, 17-year-old Han Min Lee, a year earlier. Her body was found buried in a Baltimore park.

The Maryland Court of Appeals agreed with Syed’s current attorneys who had argued that his original defense counsel provided him with “deficient” representation by failing to contact a potential alibi witness identified as Asia McClain.

Even considering the “deficient performance” by Syed’s defense attorney, Cristina Gutierrez, who is now deceased, the court said, it could not have prejudiced Sayed because other evidence pointed to Syed’s guilt.

Judge Clayton Greene Jr. wrote the majority decision:

“Given the totality of the evidence the jury heard, we conclude that there is not a…