Move over, TARDIS: Scientists just reported that they were able to turn back time by using a quantum computer.

A team of scientists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, the U.S., and Switzerland, published their findings in Scientific Reports, and said they reversed time by a fraction of a second on an IBM quantum computer, New York Daily News reported. In the report, the scientists also determined the “probability that an electron in empty interstellar space will randomly travel back into its recent past,” noted.

Physicists reverse time using #quantum computer @phystech_en @SciReports

— (@physorg_com) March 13, 2019

According to the report, finding the origin of the “arrow of time” is still a major scientific challenge. The scientists’ experiment challenged the second law of thermodynamics, which dictates the direction of events from the past to the future and involves the transition of energy within a system from usable to unusable, The Daily Mail reported.

Most laws of physics do not make a distinction between the past and future, but the scientists claim that their experiment, which involved “reversing time,” showed that these laws can be violated. For…