After Year-Long Wait, Macy’s Launches STORY Concept Within 36 Stores

Nearly a year after acquiring STORY, the NYC-based experiential shop, Macy’s has launched the concept in 36 stores across 15 U.S. states. Opening with “Color” as its inaugural theme, STORY at Macy’s invites customers to explore and experience color through a rainbow of curated, giftable products and through 300+ color-inspired events.

Macy’s has partnered with three major brands — MAC Cosmetics, Crayola and Levi’s Kids — and more than 70 small businesses to showcase the theme and develop a curated assortment of more than 400 products. These strategic partnerships continue to be the backbone of the STORY strategy, which Macy’s wants to leverage to give shoppers a taste of something unexpected. STORY remains under its own management, with Macy’s having no say in merchandising.

During an NRF session, STORY CEO and Macy’s Brand Experience Officer Rachel Shechtman revealed that when partnering with other businesses, the STORY team asks themselves three questions:

• Do they have authority and authenticity in the category in which they exist?