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Amazon has a problem with false product reviews, according to a report by UK consumer group Which? cited by Business Insider. Which? looked at hundreds of popular tech products and found that, among headphones alone, 71% had five-star ratings.

How Many Reviews US Consumers Read Prior to Purchase Business Insider Intelligence

However, all the headphones found on the first page of results were from “unknown” brands and around 87% of the 12,000 reviews for these products were unverified. When Which? shared its research with Amazon review checking site ReviewMeta, the latter said it believed all of the five-star reviews of the top 10 pairs of headphones were fake.

Here’s what it means: Fake reviews hurt customer confidence and can be bad for other sellers on Amazon’s marketplace.

Customers rely on reviews for information, and if they have to worry about fake reviews on a platform, they may limit their spending behavior. A resounding 97% of US consumers look at reviews when making their purchasing decisions, with 26% doing so for every purchase and 95% reading more than one review.

If Amazon customers have to worry about whether a major information source they use is reliable, they…