1. What makes consumers engage with brands?

More than one third (35%) of UK consumers say they only engage with brands they agree with ethically.

When asked how they feel about brands they regularly engage with, 38% say they only use brands that treat them with respect, while 30% believe the brands they use are an “extension of their personality”.

Another 30% say they only engage with brands that treat them as more than just a customer.

Consumers were also asked how they feel when a brand engages them personally. 35% say this makes them feel like their loyalty is rewarded, while 34% say it makes them feel valued and 21% that it makes them feel important to the brand.

Source: Ello Media

2. European brands move programmatic in-house

A growing number of European brands are moving programmatic in-house.

65% of brands in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain currently buy ads programmatically. 86% of these programmatically-active brands have now either fully or partially moved the function in-house.

However, the extent to which brands have embraced programmatic in-house capabilities varies. While 48% of UK brands have fully moved programmatic in-house, the figure decreases to 35% in Germany and 32% in Spain.

71% of UK brands, 72% of Spanish brands and 72% of Italian brands are programmatically active, all above the 65% European average. Meanwhile, German (48%) and French brands (63%) registered the lowest programmatic buying engagement, reflecting a focus on consumer privacy in those nations.

Source: IAB

3. Podcast advertising set to double in three years

Podcast advertising is set to double during the next three years, to account for…