Check Out the New Instagram Quiz Stickers - Good for Your Social Marketing?

With each new feature, Instagram wants users to increase the level of engagement between them, their friends and brands. Instagram Quiz Stickers have been designed with that purpose in mind.

Instagram Quiz Stickers

As part of Instagram Stories, Quiz Stickers can be a whimsical way to engage with friends. But brands can also use this feature to find out how their customers feel about a product or service instantly.

The application and simplicity of this feature might lead some to overlook the value it offers. But it is important to note, big brands spent large amounts of money for this type of testing in the past. The fact it is now available for free as part of Instagram is amazing.

For small businesses who can’t afford expensive market testing, this is a fantastic feature. By simply adding the Quiz Stickers on your Stories timeline, your followers can vote to let you know if you’re heading in the right direction.

All you have to do is create your questions and customize the choices so users can respond. And once you post it, you can see real-time results within the app.

Starting today, you can use the new quiz sticker in Stories to ask your friends and followers…