GNC Personalizes Receipts To Drive Post-Sale Engagement

GNC shoppers can be segmented into three general groups: those who want to improve their physical performance, those seeking to lose weight and consumers who want to maintain their general wellness. These varying goals make personalization a priority for GNC. The retailer has focused on maximizing personalization across the customer journey, including through receipts.

“We have very disparate customer groups that have different goals they’re trying to achieve,” said Jennifer Biefel, Director, Customer Marketing & Loyalty at GNC in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “If I have a message about pre-workout products, sending that to everyone doesn’t really make sense. We really need to be able to segment or look at purchase history to be able to talk to the right customers about those individual products.”

The retailer is working with FlexEngage, a personalized receipt and confirmation solution provider, to ensure that every e-receipt includes relevant, easily accessible information. GNC sends more than 8 million digital receipts annually, and the average customer checks their emailed receipts twice, helping these messages break through filters and reach customers’ eyes.

Emails that are related to relevant purchases include a banner advertising auto-delivery, which draws a 10% clickthrough rate, according to Biefel. The emails also offers qualified shoppers a chance to upgrade to myGNC Pro Access, a paid higher-tier version of the myGNC loyalty program, which resulted in a 10X lift in signups compared to a control group.

Additionally, GNC uses its receipts to encourage shoppers to review the store they visited, and the retailer plans to add individual product…