Google Ups Solution Provider Credentials With Cloud-Based Retail Tool Suite

Google has launched Google Cloud for Retail, a solution suite that leverages the tech giant’s data analytics and AI capabilities to drive personalized and seamless retail experiences. The platform includes the following capabilities:

  • Visual Product Search: Retailers can integrate Google Lens-type capabilities into their mobile experiences to let shoppers find items based on photos;
  • Recommendations: An AI-powered tool that delivers personalized product recommendations at scale to suit individual tastes and preferences;
  • E-Commerce Hosting: Google will provide flexible and scalable hosting to help brands adjust to market demand across channels;
  • Real Time Inventory Management and Analytics: Retailers can access improved inventory visibility across shelves, aisles and stockrooms; and
  • Empowered Associates: This platform combines G Suite with the social intranet capabilities of Google Cloud partners to foster communication across the organization.
  • Contact Center AI, which helps retailers build a modern customer care experience; and
  • AutoML Tables, software to better predict customer demand through machine learning models and to better…