I set myself a crazy challenge at the end of 2018. This year marks 10 years since I finished my MBA and the last piece of ‘official’ learning I had undertaken, and I was determined to learn something new.

I loved my time doing the MBA and it taught me so much that I still use today, but I wanted to try something that helped unleash more of my creative side rather than just my strategic mind in action. As a marketer, so much of what I do has to balance the two and over time it’s the strategic muscle that has been given more air time than my creative mind.

I wanted to learn something new that helped me be more creative ‘in the moment’ and strengthen my creative thinking as part of a team, which is something we often forget to carve out time to nurture and focus on as marketers.

Now, be careful what you wish for because this hunger for learning has taken me in a slightly unorthodox direction. While paying for my annual rail pass (a real highlight of any year), I saw an ad for improvised comedy lessons from Dingbats Improv at my local theatre, The Archway.

I could have picked a number of new areas to learn to harness my inner creative but having already done a lot of work in the past on art, design and the literary word I was ready to try something completely new. And the following week I was at my first lesson.

To say that doing improv throws you in…