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MediaMarktSaturn Martin Wild.jpg

To lead “innovation” for a multinational consumer electronics company may sound like a daunting task, but since January 2018 this has been Martin Wild’s responsibility at MediaMarktSaturn.

There is an air of making up for lost time at the German retailer and Wild taking on the unusual title of chief innovation officer in January 2018 is part of this bid to get ahead of the pack. The company came late to the ecommerce arena, only launching its online proposition in 2011 due to ambivalence towards ecommerce in parts of the business.

Speaking to InternetRetailing, Wild says since 2011 the company has been “heavily investing in overtaking other players” and is now claiming the mantle as a trend-setter with regards to innovation.

“Being late is why we need to be leading in the next phase of omnichannel,” which Wild defines as “connecting the different channels to give the consumer the perception of talking to one brand.”

“If they want to buy, there cannot be differentiation if they use mobile, come to store or have someone from our company coming to their home,” he says.

As reflected by the change in Wild’s job title from chief digital officer to chief innovation officer, MediaMarktSaturn doesn’t view digitisation alone as enough.

“Even if you are fully digital if you don’t innovate you’ll be out of business in a matter of only a few years.”

There are all kinds of eye-catching technologies out there, so telling the difference between a gimmick and a genuine business-changing innovation is…