M&S brings back ‘food porn’ ads after 12-year absence

Somehow it has been 12 years (!) since Marks & Spencer’s ‘This is not just food’ campaign last ran. Back then, Stuart Rose was CEO, Steve Sharpe was heading up marketing and the future looked rosy for M&S.

The campaign helped propel M&S’s food business to the forefront of the nation’s minds and boosted sales – including of ‘that’ chocolate pudding, which soared 3,500% when its spot aired on TV. But times are tougher now. M&S’s food business has seen sales head south as its more limited range and higher prices put off shoppers.

The new food marketing boss Sharry Cramond is trying to turn this around by broadening M&S’s appeal beyond convenience and special occasions. A sponsorship of Britain’s Got Talent is set to go live this weekend and aims to add some personality to the brand.

The new ‘This is not just food’ campaign hopes to make use of some nostalgia and get people talking about M&S food again. The spin is it’s no longer Dervla Kirwan’s sultry tones trying to sell us the food but the public doing their take.

The slogan is so well known and so connected with M&S that really it’s a surprise it ever dropped it; bringing it back seems like a no-brainer and the new ads strike the right balance between knowing nod to the past and update for the modern shopper.

But as with all things at M&S, the proof is not in the advertising but in the product. The retailer wants its food to be seen as less premium and for families. That’s a tough perception to shift but one that will be critical if food is to return to growth and its partnership with Ocado for online is to be a success.

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Accenture rocks ad industry with Droga5 acquisition

The consultancies, most notably Accenture and Deloitte, have been slowly buying their way into an industry until now dominated by the big agency holding companies of WPP, Publicis, Havas, Omnicom and Interpublic.

But in a sign of its ambition to really compete in ad land, Accenture has made the biggest buy yet, acquiring creative agency Droga5. The agency is a major force in the US, with clients including Under Armour, Kraft and Hennessy. Accenture wants to use it to build the future of brand building, which Accenture Interactive CEO Brian Whipple says is “not just about creating great ideas but creating great experiences”.

The acquisition has made waves in the ad industry. The agency holding companies have spent the past few years downplaying the impact of consultancies but it’s hard to ignore their ambition when they make purchases like this.

The consultancies already have the ear of the C-suite and can now pitch in everything from consulting and business strategy to building infrastructure, delivering…