Carlsberg is sharing a series of critical, and at times rude, tweets about the taste of its beer as it admits its old lager failed to live up to people’s expectations and tries to get them to give its new brew a go.

In a social video series created by Fold7, Carlsberg captures the reaction of employees from across the business as they read out the “colourful” descriptions used to describe the old beer. The videos show staff working in every department from the brew house to the financial floor responding with a mix of shock and bemusement to the tweets.

The idea apes a segment on the US show Jimmy Kimmel Live called ‘mean tweets’, which sees guests on the show read out the horrible things people say about them. Comments featured in the Carlsberg video include: ‘tastes like a urinal cube that has been in the trough for a week’; ‘tastes like a puddle of fetid camel’s piss’; and ‘it’s like drinking the bathwater your nan died in’.

It follows on from a social campaign Carlsberg has been running promoting tweets that also criticise its taste. Carlsberg UK’s Twitter account has begun responding to…