An AI-powered beauty startup spun off by Samsung, lululab, now provides an unmanned virtual beauty experience in Dubai. The kiosk is powered by LUMINI, an AI-based skincare assistant that provides shoppers with individually tailored skin care solutions.

The installation, dubbed the AI Beauty Store, is housed on the ground floor of Galeries Lafayette, a French department store. The experience helps shoppers find new products through a three-step process:

  • A selfie is taken by the multispectral camera in the kiosk, providing information on the shopper’s skin;
  • The LUMINI AI analyzes the results and makes recommendations, which also can include discounts on some products; and
  • The customer receives a follow-up report on their mobile device.

This isn’t the only beauty company harnessing AI to enhance recommendations. Sephora installed a digital mirror that detects a range of…