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A beautiful bouquet from UrbanStems is a surefire way to make Mom smile this Mother’s Day.
  • Giving flowers on Mother’s Day is a time-honored tradition, though many of us have horror stories of buying arrangements online, only for them to turn out to be mediocre bouquets in person.
  • UrbanStems wants to close the gap, making the process of ordering beautiful flowers a seamless, pleasant experience for both the buyer and the recipient.
  • The company offers affordable floral bouquets and plants ( starting as low as $35) sourced from ethical farms around the world. Arrangements are created by in-house floral designers and delivered straight to your door in just one day.
  • We’ve both given and received flowers from UrbanStems and think it’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Keep reading to learn more about the service, or check out the rest of our Mother’s Day gift guides for more inspiration.

This Mother’s Day, millions of flowers will be wrapped into beautiful bouquets and sent to moms nationwide.

Gifting flowers is a timeless tradition — and for good reason. A nice bouquet of flowers is beautiful to look at, smells wonderfully refreshing, and actually has the power to make us happier.

Giving flowers should be a simple process, yet for many of us, it’s not. You may not have time to go into your local flower shop and have a bouquet made, or your florist just might not have time to put together a bouquet with such short notice. You could order one online, but you’ve heard too many horror stories of botched bouquets bought on the internet.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we figured it was high time to tell you about UrbanStems, the company many of us personally use to order flowers for our friends and loved ones.

This flower-delivery service was born out of the same concerns many of us have about ordering flowers online — there’s a lack of trust, awareness, and transparency that makes it difficult to know what we’re really getting into. UrbanStems founder Ajay Kori was fed up with sending flowers as gifts. Every experience he had doing so ended in catastrophe. Instead of giving up on the gesture altogether, Kori enlisted his college classmate to try and fix the floral industry.

What they’ve created is an easier, more affordable way to order beautiful flowers online — one that ensures your bouquets actually are delivered in time for those special moments.

How the service works

When you head over to the UrbanStems, you’ll find a small but diverse selection of bouquets. UrbanStems is a member of the fewer, better camp, which is reflected in their selection — a few beautifully-crafted bouquets and potted plants, rather than a mass of mediocre arrangements. All of the flowers and plants are sourced from sustainable farms, which UrbanStems’ in-house floral designers collaborate with to create unique bouquets. With prices that start at $35, UrbanStems is a pretty affordable option as well.

Once you’ve…