Shell Energy is launching its first marketing campaign since it rebranded from First Utility as it looks to leverage the strength of the Shell name while keeping its challenger status.

The campaign follows Shell’s acquisition of First Utility in March 2018 and has been designed to celebrate bringing 100% renewable energy to UK homes.

Speaking to Marketing Week, Shell Energy’s chief commercial officer Ed Kramm says the decision to move into renewable energy was triggered by a “sea change” in consumers’ views toward renewables.

He points to a survey of UK household electricity bill payers by Ipsos Mori, which revealed 59% of respondents say they want to power their homes with electricity from renewable energy sources.

“The energy industry is an interesting industry because most households don’t think about their energy but that is starting to change,” he explains.

“It used to be ‘you got your energy from wherever it came from, nobody really knew’. Now, more and more people want their energy to come from renewable sources and they want to know where it’s come from. We noticed a change and want to be at the forefront of that change.”

We have aspirations to be a much larger business over time so getting that message out and building the brand – we’re not Shell, we are Shell Energy, meaning this is the first time Shell has been in the home.

Ed Kramm, Shell Energy

To tell its renewable energy story, Shell Energy has release a new TV campaign in the form of a mini-series, which features an inquisitive young girl who, while holding a string of fairy lights, questions her parents about where electricity comes from.

Kramm says the campaign, which will run across TV, radio and social media, is designed to help educate consumers in an “authentic way”.

“A lot of big suppliers would tell you there’s a lot of disengaged consumers out there when it comes to home energy. Unfortunately, through our history as consumers we take it for granted. You turn on the lights, they come on. You turn on the heat, it…