Woman nearly decapitated, second woman axed in Brooklyn bloodbath: police
Cops responding to a 911 call found a woman dead inside apartment 8J at 811 Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn on Saturday April 20, 2019. (Theodore Parisienne/for New York Daily News)

An ax-swinging madman nearly decapitated one defenseless woman and viciously hacked a second woman during a Saturday bloodbath where a sleeping 4-year-old girl emerged unscathed from the carnage, police said.

The badly-bleeding second victim, identified as the mother of the small child and a friend of the murder victim, managed to escape and flag down a passing Uber driver near Humboldt St. around 1:30 a.m.

The suspected murder weapon, blood still visible on its blade, was soon discovered in a building trash compactor—its bright orange price sticker still visible, said sources with knowledge of the case.

A high-ranking police source told the Daily News that detectives were were looking at the boyfriend of the surviving victim, identified by neighbors as Angela Valle, 21. The woman was listed in critical but stable condition with head trauma, officials said.

Neighbors said Valle and her boyfriend…